About Us

San Ysidro Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy and has been serving the Santa Barbara/Montecito and community for over 66 years. The roots of our pharmacy and boutique run deep within the local community and our knowledge and expertise in the industry has been recognized on the national level. We remain an independent pharmacy, working hard to provide excellent service and quality customized patient care to our customers.

As an all-inclusive community pharmacy, our goal is to share knowledge regarding prescriptions, special compounds, health and wellness for you, your children and pets. We can compound almost any prescription you might need for pain management, natural hormone replacement, pediatric as well as veterinary needs. We sell pharmaceutical grade vitamin lines, high-end cosmetics and skin care as well as fine gifts, soaps and lotions.

We have specialists on-site for each department to help you find what you need. We offer delivery of your prescriptions in Montecito and will also mail them to any state we are licensed in. We look forward to providing you with our quality customer care and a fun shopping experience.

-Your San Ysidro Pharmacy Team