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The Boutique has been a distinctive part of the pharmacy since we opened our doors back in 1956. Over the years, The Boutique has been updated and remodeled for a small-town vintage feel.

In recent years we have been moving into the direction of organic, eco-friendly products made in the US and Europe and has remained the “one stop shop” for all your gifts and personalized needs.

Among the displays in our gift department, you will find French soaps, fragrant lotions, Italian toothpaste, soy candles, handbags, yoga clothing, baby wear and a vibrant collection of unique gifts for both men and women.

The numerous lines in our boutique include wonderful European lines such as Avene, Klorane, Bioderma, GEO. F. Trumper, Proraso, Marvis, Mistral, Rigaud Paris, as well as American lines like Thymes, Voluspa, Jack Black, Coola, Arcona and Sonoma Lavender among others.

To complete your personalized shopping experience, we have seasonal clothing lines, Yoga wear, purses, and the most adorable collection of organic great quality baby items. Come into our store to see for yourself our surprising collections of gifts and products for the whole family.

Check our postings for upcoming sales and new shipments under sales and events! There is always something new at The Boutique in San Ysidro Pharmacy!